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This MIB Module models status, performance and failures of a protocol with the generic characteristics of signalling protocols used with IPsec and FC-SP protocols. Examples of such protocols include IKE, KINK, etc. This MIB views the common attributes of such protocols. Signaling protocols are also referred in this document as 'Control Protocols', since they perform session control. This MIB is an attempt to capture the generic aspects of the signaling activity. The protocol-specific aspects of a signaling protocol still need to be captured in a protocol-specific MIB (e.g., CISCO-IKE-FLOW-MIB, etc.).

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This Signaling Protocol global statistics table. There is one row in the following table for each signaling protocol implemented by the managed entity. There is no row corresponding to the instance 'cpNone'. If the managed entity implements more than one ...
The window size of the control tunnel History Tables. The control tunnel history table is implemented as a sliding window in which at most the last 'cisgIpsSgHistTableSize' entries are maintained. This object is, hence, used to control the size of the tun ...

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MIBs list