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IPSec is the next-generation network layer crypto framework described in RFC2401-2411. This MIB defines the IPsec configurations. It may be used to view and provision IPsec-based VPNs. To create an IPsec tunnel, you need first configure Internet Key Exchange (IKE). IKE negotiates Security Associations with the peer for IPsec. To find out how to configure IKE, please see CISCO-IKE-CONFIGURATION-MIB for detail.

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The default lifetime (in seconds) assigned to an IPsec tunnel as a global policy (maybe overridden in specific cryptomap definitions). REFERENCE For information on how a security association is established for an IPsec tunnel, please refer to RFC2409, sec ...
The default lifesize in KBytes assigned to an IPsec tunnel as a global policy (unless overridden in cryptomap definition). DEFVAL { 4608000 } ::= { cipsIPsecGlobals 2 } SYNTAX CIPsecTunnelIdleTime UNITS "seconds The number of second ...
A collection of objects modeling static crypto configuration of the Static (fully specified) Cryptomap Sets on the managed entity. ::= { ciscoIPsecProvMIBGroups 3 } OBJECTS { cipsNumDynamicCryptomapSets } STATUS current DESCRIPTION A collection of object ...

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MIBs list