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This is a MIB module for monitoring the structures and status of IPsec control flows based on Internet Key Exchange protocol. The MIB models standard aspects of the IKE protocol. Synopsis This MIB module models status, performance and failures of the IKEv1- and IKEv2-based signaling in IPsec, FC-SP(and similar) protocols. In practice, the security protocols such as IPsec, FC-SP and CTS use a signaling protocol such as IKE, KINK, or some such. A number of characteristics of these signaling protocols are generic. The generic attributes and status of signaling activity has been modeled in CISCO-IPSEC-SIGNALING-MIB. This MIB module augments CISCO-IPSEC-SIGNALING-MIB with IKE-specific MIB objects. (Signaling protocols are also referred to this document as 'Control Protocols', since they perform session control.)

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The Phase-1 IKE Global Statistics Table. There is one entry in this table for each Phase-1 IKE, protocol('cpIkev1' and 'cpIkev2') implemented by the managed entity. For all the counter objects in the table below, initially when the IKE Tunnel becomes acti ...

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MIBs list