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The MIB module to configure the loopback on certain interfaces in ifTable with ifType ds1/e1, ds3/e3, ds0 etc.

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This table contains configuration, control and status parameters for performing loopback on an interface in the ifTable.
An entry can be created or deleted in this table for an entry in the ifTable. An entry created in this table puts the interface specified by ifIndex in loopback state. An entry deleted from this table removes the loopback from the interface specified by ...
This object specifies the type of loopback to be established. This object is required in order to complete the creation of a row in this table. It cannot be modified when the cifLRowStatus is active(1). Possible values are : farEndLineLoopback(1): This lo ...
This object shows the current status of loopback. The value for this object is valid only when cifLRowStatus is active(1). Possible values for this object: completed(1): Loopback is successfully completed. inProgress(2): loop up or loop down in progress. ...
This object specifies the type of the end device and the type of mechanism used to establish the loopback. Loopback type may not be modified once the farend loopback is established. Latching Loopback: Latching Loopback is appropriate with 64 kbit/s DS0-A ...
This object is used for creating a new row or delete an existing row in this table. In order to successfully create a row and set the value of this object to active(1), cifLLoopback and cifLFELoopbackDeviceAndCode must be set with desired values. The val ...
Collection of objects related to Loopback Configuration and Loopback status.

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MIBs list