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This MIB describes a model for managing Ethernet point-to-point pseudo wire services over a Packet Switched Network (PSN).

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This table contains the index to the Ethernet tables associated with this ETH VC, the VLAN configuration and VLAN mode.
This table is indexed by the same index that was created for the associated entry in the PW VC Table in the CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB. The CpwVcIndex and the cpwVcEnetPwVlan are used as indexes to allow multiple VLANs to exist on the same PW. An entry is created ...
This Object defines the VLAN on the VC. The value of 4097 is used if the object is not applicable, for example when mapping all packets from an Ethernet port to this VC. The value of 4096 is used to indicate untagged frames (at least from the PW point of ...
Indicate the mode of VLAN handling between the port associated to the VC and the VC encapsulation itself. - 'other' indicate operation that is not defined by this MIB. - 'portBased' indicates that the forwarder will forward packets between the port and th ...
This object is used to specify the ifIndex of the ETHERNET port associated with this VC for point-to-point Ethernet service, or the ifIndex of the virtual interface of the VPLS instance associated with the PW if the service is VPLS. Two rows in this table ...
Enable creating, deleting and modifying this row.
Indicates the storage type of this row.
This table may be used for MPLS PSNs if there is a need to hold multiple VC, each with different COS, for the same user service (port + PW VLAN). Such a need may arise if the MPLS network is capable of L-LSP or E-LSP without multiple COS capabilities. Ea ...
Each entry is created if special classification based on the PRI bits is required for this VC.
This object defines the groups of user PRI mapped into this VC. Each bit set indicates that this user priority is assigned to this VC. The value 'untagged' is used to indicate that untagged frames are also associated to this VC. This object allow the use ...
Enable creating, deleting and modifying this row.
Indicates the storage type of this row.
This table contains statistical counters specific for Ethernet PW.
Each entry represents the statistics gathered for the VC carrying the Ethernet packets since this VC was first created in the cpwVcEnetTable.
The number of packets received (from the PSN) on this VC with an illegal VLAN field, missing VLAN field that was expected, or A VLAN field when it was not expected. This counter is not relevant if the VC type is 'ethernet' (i.e. raw mode), and should be s ...
The number of packets that were received with an illegal Ethernet packet length on this VC. An illegal length is defined as being greater than the value in the advertised maximum MTU supported, or shorter than the allowed Ethernet packet size.
Collection of objects for basic Ethernet PW config.
Collection of objects counting various PW level errors.
Collection of objects defining classification to different PW based on the user's PRI bits mapping. This group is optional, and should be implemented only for MPLS PSN where only L-LSP or single OA E-LSP exists, and different PSN COS is required based on ...

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MIBs list