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This MIB module provides network management support for QoS on IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN devices. This MIB is an extension to QoS MIB defined in IEEE 802.11E standard.

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This table contains the basic set of attributes to configure QoS for a wireless LAN device. This table has a sparse dependent relationship with the ifTable. Each IEEE 802.11 wireless interface has a set of configuration parameters for each IP network traf ...
Each entry contains parameters to configure traffic control on an IEEE 802.11 radio interface.
This specifies the offset of the radio backoff from the transmission media for this traffic category. The backoff interval of a radio is calculated from a pseudo random integer drawn from a uniform distribution over the interval determined by the maximum ...
This specifies the number of times the radio retries for a particular transmission if there is a collision for the media.
This table contains the attributes indicating QoS support information on the IEEE 802.11 radio interfaces. This table has a sparse dependent relationship with the ifTable. For each entry in this table, there exists an entry in the ifTable of ifType ieee80 ...
Each entry contains attributes to configure QoS for an IEEE 802.11 interface.
This object indicates if QoS is enabled on this IEEE 802.11 network interface. If it is 'true', QoS queueing is on and traffic is prioritized according to traffic categories. It it is 'false', there is no QoS queueing and traffic is not prioritized.
This table contains attributes for traffic classification of VLANs. This table has a one-to-one dependent relationship to the cwvlWlanVlanTable in the CISCO-WLAN-VLAN-MIB.
Each entry includes parameters determining the class of service (category) of the traffic and QoS configuration on the VLAN.
This is the class of service classification to the traffic transmitting on this VLAN. The class of service determines the priority of the traffic. The default VLAN for voice traffic is '4095', and the default service classification is 'interactiveVoice'. ...
This table contains the priority queue configuration attributes for IEEE 802.11 radio interface. This table has a sparse dependent relationship with the ifTable. For each entry in this table, there exists an entry in the ifTable of ifType ieee80211(71).
A collection of attributes to configure the priority queues for each traffic category on an IEEE 802.11 interface.
This is the current QoS priority queue packet quota for the traffic category on the overall bandwidth. The total quota is 12 and is shared among 8 transmitting queues. The queue with the largest quota value has the largest share of the overall bandwidth o ...
Indicates whether ciscoIetfDot11QosExtChangeNotif notifications will or will not be sent by the agent when the QoS configuration in the cid11QosExtIfConfigTable and cid11QosConfigTable defined in the CISCO-IETF-DOT11-QOS-MIB are changed.
Configurations for IEEE 802.11 QoS.
Configurations for IEEE 802.11 QoS queue.
Notification control for IEEE 802.11 QoS.

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MIBs list