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There are two types of features in the system: - Regular features - Optional features The Regular features may or may not need to support the user triggerd control (enabling/disabling). In case the regular features need to support such control, they need to be instrumented in their respective MIBs. The Optional features can be controlled (enabled/ disabled) by the user via CLI/SNMP. The optional features are generally disabled by default. As part of the enabling of such optional feature, the first mandatory step is to explicitly enable the feature using the CLI/SNMP. Following this mandatory step, a feature may require additional feature specific enabling steps similar to the regular features. In addition to the user triggered control, other system specific conditions like licensing may influence the operating state of such optional feature. This MIB module is to facilitate the global level control (enabling/disabling) over the optional features in the system. The disabling of such optional feature using this MIB module would make the feature disabled and the entire feature specific mib objects also unavailable.

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A table consisting of entries for all the features that can be optionally enabled/disabled in the system. This table provides administrative control and current operating state information of the feature.
An entry (conceptual row) in the 'cfcFeatureCtrlTable'. Each row represents an optional feature in the system.
A unique index representing the feature in this entry.
A human readable unique string representing the name of this feature.
The action to be triggered for the feature. Setting the value of this object to a value other than 'enable' or 'disable' does not trigger any action for the feature and hence does not affect the value of corresponding instance of 'cfcFeatureCtrlLastActi ...
The last action triggered for the feature. If no action has been triggered for the feature since the last reboot of the sytem, then retrieving the value of this object via SNMP will return 'noOp'.
The result of execution of last action (represented by value of 'cfcFeatureCtrlLastAction') for the feature. When the value of this object is 'actionInProgress', the value of the corresponding instance of 'cfcFeatureCtrlAction' can not be modified.
The failure reason description for the failed execution of last action triggered for the feature. If the corresponding instance of 'cfcFeatureCtrlLastActionResult' has the value 'actionFailed', then this object contains the reason as to why it failed. Ot ...
The current operating status of the feature.
The reason description for the current operating status (represented by the value of corresponding instance of 'cfcFeatureCtrlOpStatus') of the feature. The reason for the current operating status of the feature could be other than explicit user triggere ...
A collection of objects for controlling the features in the system.

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MIBs list