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The MIB module for configuring one or more fabric extenders to connect into a core switch. Since fabric extenders might not be manageable entities, this MIB is assumed to be instrumented on the core switch. A fabric extender may be hardwired or preconfigured with a list of uplink ports. These uplink ports are used to connect to a core switch. A fabric extender is assumed to be directly connected to its core switch. Each physical interface on the core switch is assumed to be connected to one and only one fabric extender. When an extender powers up, it runs a link local discovery protocol to find core switches. The extender puts all available self identification in its discovery report. The core switch, depending on configuration, uses the extenders identification to accept or deny an extender from connecting. A fabric extender may be connected to different core switches via different uplink ports. In that case, each core switch's instance of the MIB may refer to the same extender. Ports on core switch used to connect to extenders are known as Fabric ports. A fabric port may be a physical interface or a logical interface such as an EtherChannel. An extender may connect into a core switch via more than one fabric port. Non fabric ports on an extender are typically used to connect hosts/servers.

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This table has the binding information of a 'Fabric Port' to 'Fabric Extender' on a 'Extender Core Switch'. Each entry in this table configures one fabric port. A core switch does not accept fabric extender connections into its fabric ports unless the ex ...
There is one entry in this table for each core switch Interface that can be connected to an uplink interface of a fabric extender.
This object is the index that uniquely identifies an entry in the cefexBindingTable. The value of this object is an IfIndex to a fabric port. By creating a row in this table for a particular core switch interface, the user enables that core switch inter ...
The value of cefexBindingExtenderIndex used as an Index into the cefexConfigTable to select the Fabric Extender configuration for this binding entry. However, a value in this table does not imply that an instance with this value exists in the cefexConfig ...
The timestamp of this entry's creation time.
The status of this conceptual row.
This table facilitates configuration applicable to an entire fabric extender.
There is one entry in this table for each fabric extender configured on the core switch.
This object specifies a human readable string representing the name of the 'Extender'. Note that default value of this object will be the string 'FEXxxxx' where xxxx is value of cefexBindingExtenderIndex expressed as 4 digits. For example, if cefexBinding ...
This object specifies if the serial number check is enabled for this extender or not. If the value of this object is 'true', then the core switch rejects any extender except for the one with serial number string specified by cefexConfigSerialNum. If the ...
This object allows the user to identify a fabric extender's Serial Number String. This object is relevant if cefexBindingSerialNumCheck is true. Zero is not a valid length for this object if cefexBindingSerialNumCheck is true.
This object allows the user to identify the fabric port failure handling method when pinning is used.
This object allows the user to identify number of fabric ports to be used in distribution of pinned non fabric ports. As described above, pinning is the forwarding model used for fabric extenders that do not support local forwarding. Traffic from a non ...
The timestamp when the value of the corresponding instance of 'cefexConfigRowStatus' is made active. If an user modifies objects in this table, the new values are immediately activated. Depending on the object changed, an accepted fabric extender may beco ...
The status of this conceptual row. A row in this table becomes active immediately upon creation.
A collection of objects related to Fabric Extender binding to core switch.

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MIBs list