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The tables defined by this MIB module contain a collection of managed objects that are general in nature and apply to an edge device in an organizations network, e.g. a Metro Ethernet network. An edge device, is a customer located equipment, this is the first device which will connect the Service Provider's network and map subscriber traffic into the next layer. The access media could be either CAT5 or fiber. The access device (edge device) can be designed for DSL, Ethernet or other technologies, however, this MIB is designed for Ethernet.

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The max number of interfaces per module for which the ceaPortType can have the value 'nni'. The value of 0 is returned by this object if there is no limitation to the number of NNI ports.
The maximum number of ports on this device for which the ceaUNIVlanType object can have the value 'community'. The value of 0 is returned by this object if there is no limitation to the number of UNI VLAN Communities.
This table contains Ethernet port specific information. There exists an entry for each Ethernet port with an ifType of 6 (ethernetCsmacd) in this table. Note that the maximum number of NNI ports that can be configured per module on this device is given by ...
A set of Ethernet port specific parameters for a device which can be configured with a mixture of port types defined by the ceaPortType object.
The current configuration of the port. Only ports that are supported by the ceaPortCapability object can be set. Unspecified port type is any other port type than NNI, UNI or ENI. unspecified = Not UNI, or NNI, or ENI uni = User to Network Interf ...
Types supported by the Ethernet port. If a port doesn't support the port type the ceaPortType will not allow set of the unsupported type. nni = Port supports NNI. uni = Port supports UNI. eni = Port supports ENI.
This table contains UNI VLAN information for all the VLANs which currently exist on this device. The number of UNI ports that can belong to a VLAN type 'community' is limited by the ceaMaxUNIVlanCommunityPorts object.
There is an entry in this table for each VLAN that exist on this device.
Indicates the VLAN type defined for the UNI VLAN.
A collection of managed objects defining port types.
A collection of managed objects defining VLAN types.

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MIBs list