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The MIB module to describe generic objects for ethernet-like network interfaces. This MIB provides ethernet-like network interfaces information that are either excluded by EtherLike-MIB or specific to Cisco products.

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A list of additional descriptive and status information about the MAC Control PAUSE function on the ethernet-like interfaces attached to a particular system, in extension to dot3PauseTable in EtherLike-MIB. There will be one row in this table for each eth ...
An entry in the table, containing additional information about the MAC Control PAUSE function on a single ethernet-like interface, in extension to dot3PauseEntry in Etherlike-MIB.
Indicates preference to send or process pause frames on this interface. txDesired(0) - indicates preference to send pause frames, but autonegotiates flow control. This bit can only be turned on when the corresponding instance of dot3PauseAdminMode has t ...
Provides additional information about the flow control operational status on this interface. txDisagree(0) - the transmit pause function on this interface is disabled due to disagreement from the far end on negotiation. rxDisagree(1) - the receive pause f ...
This table provides the subinterface related information associated to the Ethernet-like interfaces. The subinterface is a division of one physical interface into multiple logical interfaces. As an example of what a typical subinterface setup might look l ...
This table contains a row for each Ethernet-like interface by it's ifTable ifIndex in the system, which supports the sub-interface. An entry is created by an agent, when it detects a Ethernet-like interface is created in ifTable and it can support sub-int ...
This object represents the number of subinterfaces created on a Ethernet-like interface.
A collection of objects providing the additional information for the control of the MAC Control PAUSE function on ethernet-like network interfaces.
A collection of objects providing the Ethernet-like subinterface information.

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MIBs list