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This MIB module provides the ability for a Network Management Station (NMS) to configure and monitor the error-disable feature via SNMP. The error-disable feature allows other software features running in a system to operationally disable a system entity upon detecting abnormal conditions. Examples of such a system entity include interfaces, a vlan configured in the system, or a VLAN allowed on specific layer 2 multi-vlan interface.

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This object specifies the error-disable recovery time interval. When a system entity is operationally disabled upon detecting abnormal condition by a particular feature, the system waits for a period equal to this time interval, and then re-enable the ent ...
This object specifies whether cErrDisableInterfaceEvent and cErrDisableInterfaceEventRev1 notifications should be generated when a system entity is error-disabled.
The value of this object specifies the maximum number of error-disable notifications the device will generate per minute. A value of '0' specifies no limit and the device will generate a notification for each error-disable event.
This table contains the error-disable related info for each feature employing the error-disable feature.
An entry is created for each feature that employs the error-disable feature.
This object uniquely identifies a feature that makes use of the error-disable feature.
This object indicates whether the error-disable related configuration is configurable for this feature. If a bit is set to 1, then the corresponding error-disable configuration can be configured. 'detectionEnable' - indicates the error-disable detectio ...
This object specifies whether the error-disable detection is enabled for the feature. Note: This object is read-write only for those features that are configurable, meaning: cErrDisableFeatureConfigurable. has the first bit set to 1.
This object specifies whether the system can automatically recover a system entity that has been disabled by the feature.
This object specifies the error-recovery time interval that will be used by the system for any system entity that is error-disabled by this particular feature. If the value of this object is '0', then the device will use the value specified by the global ...
This object specifies whether shutting down the violating VLAN on an interface is enabled or not. The value of 'true' indicates that shutting down the violating VLAN on an interface is enabled. The value of 'false' indicates that shutting down the violati ...
This table provides interface (port) specific error-disable status information. Each conceptual row provides status information about a {interface, vlan} disabled by a feature. On a trunk or multi-vlan access interface, a given vlan on the interface can b ...
A collection of objects that specify the status of an error-disabled Interface or {interface, vlan}.
This object specifies the vlan of the given interface that has been error-disabled. If the physical interface is error-disabled then the value of this object is 0.
This object specifies the feature/event that caused the {interface, vlan} (or the entire interface) to be error-disabled.
Time left before the system attempts an automatic recovery of the interface or the vlan of the given interface. If no recovery is scheduled, then the value of this object is '0'.
A collection of objects to configure error-disable functionality.
A collection of objects to manage the configuration of the error-disable feature.
A collection of error-disable interface status objects.
A collection of objects to configure error-disable notifications.
A collection of objects to manage the configuration of error-disable detection shutdown vlan mode.

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MIBs list