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The MIB module for managing DS0 Bundles. This MIB contains additional objects to supplement the the IETF draft ds0Bundle MIB.

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This table is used to supplement the dsx0BundleTable.
Contains objects to configure a ds0Bundle. The values of objects cdsx0BundleExtDs1Index and cdsx0BundleExtChannelMap must be specified for the associated row to become active.
The ifIndex of the DS1 line containing the ds0 timeslots in this bundle. The ds0 bundle interface is layered on top of the DS1 line. This layering is represented in the ifStackTable. This object is not instantiated until the value is specified. The value ...
A list of ds0 timeslots that comprise this ds0 bundle. This object is not instantiated until the value is specified. The value may be set only when the ds0 bundle is created.
The type of encapsulation for this bundle. A ds0 bundle is a logical serial port. Setting this object defines the type of the serial port. If not specified, the value is none(1), indicating that the encapsulation type on this serial port is not defined. I ...
The data rate of each ds0 in this bundle. rate56 - 56kb/s rate64 - 64kb/s For ds0's on a T1 line, the value should be rate56(1) if 'robbed bit' signaling is used, and rate64(2) if clear channel signaling is used. For ds0's on a E1 line, the value shou ...
Shows the ds0 timeslots that are currently in use (i.e., part of a ds0 bundle) on channelized DS1 lines. There is an entry in this table for each channelized DS1 line which has an ifEntry.
Contains the ds0 timeslots that are currently part of various ds0 bundles on the DS1 line identified by the ifIndex. This information can be useful for an NMS when creating new ds0 bundles on this DS1.
A list of ds0 timeslots on this DS1 line that are currently in use, i.e., are part of some ds0 bundle.
A collection of objects providing the ability to configure a ds0 bundle.
A collection of objects providing information about which ds0 timeslots are in ds0 bundles.

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MIBs list