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This MIB module supports network management for Location Based Services on IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN devices. Location Based Services allows third party applications and positioning servers to work with Access Points to track positions of wireless clients in the network.

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This table contains the set of attributes for configuration of connection to remote LBS positioning servers and tracking methods supported on the servers. A positioning server may support LBS application at multiple UDP ports. This wireless station serve ...
Each entry contains parameters to configure a LBS positioning server profile for this wireless station.
This is the name of LBS profile for configuration of a connection to a LBS positioning server at a specific address and UDP port.
This is the address type of the cdot11LbsServerAddress.
This is the address of the LBS positioning server. The cdot11LbsServerAddressType specifies the type of this address.
This is the UDP port of the LBS positioning server used to receive LBS packets from this wireless station.
This specifies the method used to detect the location of the wireless client relative to the position of this wireless station. RSSI method uses the strength of the received signals from the wireless client devices to determine their positions.
This specifies the type of LBS packets sent to the LBS position server from this wireless station.
This is the multicast MAC destination address of the LBS frames sending from the wireless clients to this wireless station.
This object determines if this wireless station will include LBS frames received in channels other than the sender's channel in the RSSI measurement. If the value is 'true', this station will include only LBS frames matching the sender's channel in the R ...
This configures a new LBS positioning server for this wireless station and modifies or deletes an existing positioning server configuration. Creation of rows must be done via 'createAndGo' and with the cdot11LbsServerAddress and cdot11LbsServerUdpPort set ...
This table configures the Location Based Services settings on the IEEE 802.11 radio interfaces of this device. This table has an expansion dependent relationship on the cdot11LbsProfileTable. This table uses the ifIndex of interfaces of ifType ieee80211( ...
Each entry indicates if the LBS client location tracking by a particular location positioning server profile is enabled on an IEEE 802.11 interface.
This configures and attaches a LBS profile to an IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN network interface or remove a configured interface from the profile. Creation of rows must be done via 'createAndGo' and specifying the cdot11LbsProfileName of an existing profile a ...
Configurations for IEEE 802.11 Location Based Services.

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MIBs list