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This MIB is intended to be implemented on IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN management devices for Access Points and Wireless Bridges participating in the context management process and making use of the services provided by entities offering WDS and WNS. This MIB allows NMS to access individual configuration of wireless stations through the SNMP agent at the management device, i.e. WSA.

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This table contains the list of 802.11 client stations currently managed by this device on the device interfaces. This manager device may or may not be one of the WDS entities in the network. This table is not applicable on any 802.11 wireless station th ...
An entry represents a 802.11 station entity currently attached and managed by this manager device. It includes information about the WDS currently associated with the station.
This is the 802.11 wireless station module ID assigned by this context services manager device.
Represents the type of addresses stored in the objects cDot11CsMgrClntParentWdsAddr, cDot11CsMgrClntRootNodeAddr and cDot11CsMgrClntMnAuthenAddr.
The address of the parent WDS entity the 802.11 station is currently registered with. The type of InetAddress supported by this object is determined by the cDot11CsMgrClntAddressType object. If cDot11CsMgrClntOperMode equals 'distributed', the value retu ...
The address of the root node the 802.11 station gets authenticated with. The type of InetAddress supported by this object is determined by the cDot11CsMgrClntAddressType object. If the parent WDS entity acts as the root node, this object returns the addr ...
The address of the Mobile Node Authenticator to which the 802.11 station forwards authentication requests of the mobile nodes attempting to associate with it. The type of InetAddress supported by this object is determined by the cDot11CsMgrClntAddressTyp ...
The current mode of operation of the 802.11 station. The semantics for this object are as follows. infrastructure - An 802.11 station operates in the 'infrastructure' mode if it discovers a WDS entity through advertisement messages and registers with it. ...
The maximum time after which the registration of the 802.11 station with its parent WDS entity expires.
This object counts the number of times the 802.11 station has transitioned between the infrastructure and distributed modes since the last reboot.
This collection of objects provide information about individual 802.11 station's parent WDS, its mode of operation, the address of the IN/MN authenticators, its registration life time and the number of times the station has switched between the two modes.

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MIBs list