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This MIB is intended to be implemented on 802.11 Access Points and Wireless Bridges to provide information about the antennas connected to their 802.11 interfaces. The NMS retrieves the configured antenna parameters and uses it to calculate the recommended radio settings to be applied to the Access Points being managed to achieve optimum coverage and throughput.

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This table holds the specification of the antenna connected to the 802.11 interfaces of an infrastructure device like an AP or Bridge. The table gets populated when the administrator configures the 802.11 interface with information about the antenna conne ...
An entry corresponds to the set of operational parameters of the antenna connected to the 802.11 interface identified by ifIndex.
This flag indicates whether the 802.11 interface is connected to an external antenna and/or the attenuator and configured with the resultant gain or not. If the interface has an external antenna and/or an attenuator connected to it and has been configured ...
This object, expressed in dB, is used to calculate the appropriate radio settings for the wireless infrastructure devices being managed. The semantics are as follows. For a dot11 interface without an external antenna and an attenuator connected to it, the ...
This collection of objects provide information about the antenna connected to the 802.11 interfaces of a WLAN infrastructure device like an Access Point or a Bridge.

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MIBs list