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This MIB module defines ingest tuning configuration objects that facilitate the management of the Cisco Content Delivery System for TV (CDS-TV) product family. CDS-TV is a suite of products and software applications providing ingest, storage, caching, streaming, playout and on-demand delivery of video to television or set-top-box clients.

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A table of the trick-mode speed settings for ingest.
An entry (conceptual row) in the ingest trick-mode speed settings table. Rows are added for each configured trick-mode speed setting and deleted if a previously configured trick-mode is disabled. Note that trick modes need not be in ascending or descendin ...
An index into the table containing the ingest trick-mode speed settings.
This object specifies a trick-mode speed for ingested content.
This object specifies whether the MPEG-2 video assets have their program identifiers (PIDs) standardized at ingest so that most assets use the same PIDs. enabled(1) - PIDs for video assets are standardized at ingest disabled(2) - PIDs for video assets are ...
This object specifies whether a SEQ END header that is present at the end of the asset (and only at the end) is removed on ingest. enabled(1) - SEQ END header is removed on ingest disabled(2) - SEQ END header is not removed on ingest
This object specifies whether the MPEG-2 video assets have their rates standardized at ingest so that most assets use one of two standard rates, 3.75 Mbps for Standard Definition (SD) assets or 15 Mbps for High Definition (HD) assets. enabled(1) - Video a ...
A collection of objects that provide status of ingest tuning configuration.

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MIBs list