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A MIB module to allow an NMS to monitor and configure the information which an ATM switch makes available via the ILMI's Service Registry Table.

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The table implemented by an ATM switch to allow monitoring and control of the ATM addresses of registered services which it makes avaiable to ATM end-systems via the ILMI across its UNIs.
Information about a single service provider that is to be made available to the user-side of one or more ATM UNIs. An entry, for which asrSrvcRegPort has a non-zero value, is a specific assignment to that UNI; an entry for which asrSrvcRegPort is zero ap ...
Either the value 0, or the ifIndex value of an the ATM Interface. A row for which this object has a non-zero value is a specific assignment to that UNI; a row for which this object is zero applies to all UNIs for which this table contains no specific ass ...
The service identifier which uniquely identifies the type of service at the address given by the corresponding value of asrSrvcRegATMAddress. Specific values for this identifier are defined in the ILMI specification (e.g., asrSrvcRegLecs) or elsewhere.
An ATM address to which the ATM end-system on this UNI can attempt to establish a connection for the service.
An arbitrary integer to differentiate multiple rows containing different ATM addresses for the same service on the same UNI.
An octet string used according to the value of asrSrvcRegServiceID.
The status of this row. No object in the row can be modified while the value of this object is 'active'.
A collection of objects providing monitoring and control of ATM addresses of services which an ATM switch is to make available via the ILMI.

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MIBs list