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This MIB allows users to configure a PVC on an ATM uplink card of a This MIB allows users to configure a PVC on an ATM uplink card of a Catalyst 5000 device, and then bind that PVC to a Virtual LAN (VLAN).

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A table of all the PVCs configured on an ATM uplink card.
An entry in the PVC table containing information about a single PVC that has been configured. To create a PVC at an ATM interface and bind it to a VLAN, either of the following procedures are used : Multi step process (1) The management application create ...
The port number in the ATM module on which this PVC is being configured.
The Virtual Path Identifier for the PVC.
The Virtual Channel Identifier for the PVC.
This is the Virtual Channel Descriptor, a value which uniquely identifies the PVC. This is a read-only variable and is not set by the user. When the PVC is created successfully, it is assigned a unique VCD number by the system.
The type of traffic that will flow through the PVC. The user can configure the PVC as: (1) aal5snap PVC which carries network interconnect traffic over ATM AAL5 (RFC1483). (2) ilmi PVC which carries Interim Link Management Interface protocol traffic. (3) ...
The Peak Cell Rate for the PVC. This value denotes the bandwidth allocated for this PVC. The default value for this field is the maximum speed of the interface. This is 155000 Kbps for an OC3 Module and 45000 Kbps for a DS3 Module.
A boolean that indicates if a F5 OAM loopback cell will be sent on this PVC or not. The default value for this field is false.
Indicates how often will a F5 OAM loopback cell be transmitted. If the value of capvcOAM is true, then the default value for this variable is 10 seconds. If the value of capvcOAM is false, then this variable is ignored.
The VLAN number of the VLAN that the PVC is bound to. Binding a PVC say with VCD number x, to a VLAN with a VlanId y, causes the traffic on VLAN y to pass through PVC x. Also a PVC that is bound to a VLAN can be unbound by the user. After the unbind opera ...
This object is used to create, delete or modify a row in this table. To create a new PVC, this object is initially set to 'createAndWait' or 'createAndGo'. This object must not be set to 'active' unless the following columnar objects exist in this row: c ...
A collection of objects providing ATM PVC configuration and VLAN binding.

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MIBs list