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The MIB module for Lucent Policy Enabled CajunRules Products.

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This table is used to advertise the Policy Capabilities of the Device.
Information Describing a single Policy Capability of this device.
A unique index for this entry with no semanitics aside from its uniqueness.
An enumeration describing a type of Policy attribute supported by this device. This Policy attribute's semantics is intended to make sense within the context of the CajunRules application. At this time, a value of 'ldap' indicates that the device is retri ...
An Infomational string that should be able to be displayed as an identifier for a user. A recommended format would be the type followed by version information if applicable and anything else deemed useful.
An opaque string to allow for future capabilities.
The state of this Policy Capability. An inactive state implies that the device has the capacity but is not using it currently.
The base time that the device would like policies to be based upon. This field is primarily intended to allow the device to advertise its time zone. If this time zone is not present, or if this object is not implemented, the client device willuse it local ...
A group defining the minimum implementation of a device instrumenting the Device Policy Capabilities MIB.
The IP address of the LDAP enabled server this device retreives policy information from. By convention, setting this value to 0 disables the directory enabled capablity of this device with respect to policy. If the devices's directory enabled capability w ...
The well-known port over which this device is using LDAP. It is assumed that ports other than 389 might be utilized.
The backup LDAP server IP Address.
The backup LDAP port.
The last LDAP Object that was unable to be processed, thereby causing the sending of a lucentBadLDAPObject Notification. If this condition has never ocurred since agent initialization, or if the device cannot 'remember', it would be NULL. The primary purp ...
A Descriptive string intended to provide optional detail accompanying a lucentDadLDAPObject Notification. A likely use of this string would be for the receiver of this variable in a trap to display the string in an error log. If this condition has never ...
The sysUpTime in the device that this Policy Capability was last modified. Providing this allows a remote manager to detect a change in the Policy Capabilities by polling a single object. On seeing this value change an interested manager should relearn ...
The sequence number assocated with the latest policy written for this device at the directory 'pointed to' by lucentDevicePolicyLDAPServerIP. This sequence number is part of the Directory's Policy schema. This object is designed for writing to by a CajunR ...
The sequence number of the last Policy retrieved from the directory 'pointed to' by lucentDevicePolicyLDAPServerIP. This sequence number is part of the Directory Policy schema. This object is initialized at zero on agent reset, and thereafter only written ...
The search base string to be used by the LDAP client.
A group of the Device Policy Capabilities MIB that defines LDAP specific objects. This group is intended to be implemented by any device that implements an LDAP client to retrieve policy information.
The events related to Policy Capabilities.

MIBs list