Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, defined in 1982, is the main protocol used to deliver email messages over IP. Its current implementation allows to request authentication, to send mail messages over several mail servers, to use secure connections and so on.

Advanced mail servers can support and/or check several mail authentication (using such techniques as SPF, DKIM, SenderID and so on). Although SMTP itself doesn’t provide means to guarantee that mail is sent from a reliable source, the protocol allows to prevent mail delivery in case the message fails one or more of such checks.

IPHost Network Monitor uses SMTP to send email alerts.


IPHost features:

SMTP Monitor
SMTP Monitor allows to test both basic and extended functionality, along with general connectivity and network latency … IPHost SMTP Monitor can be created in a few minites. It takes several parameters …

IMAP – mail servers monitoring
IMAP Monitor is a simple IPHost Monitor … IMAP Monitor allows you to check for mail server presence and pass authentication test …

POP3 Monitor
Monitoring mail service, including POP3, should be a part of more general monitoring (since POP3 is always used with other mail-related services). It is recommended to use general PING and TCP monitoring as …