Server uptime

Server uptime is the time (in percent) of uninterrupted server work during a certain period of time and is one of the main criteria of quality of equipment functioning. There is a special software – server monitoring tool which with a certain periodicity checks the availability of servers and calculates Server uptime. Opposed to server uptime is server downtime, the percentage of time when a server does not work.


IPHost features:

Server uptime monitoring
Using IPHost Network Monitor you will be able to automatically monitor uptime for any Windows servers – Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008 …

Web Server Monitoring
The collected statistics will allow you to estimate the time of web site availability (uptime) and inaccessibility (downtime) for the necessary period, …

Server perfomance testing
IPHost Network Monitor offers the complex solution to the problem, since it is able to do both server performance monitoring and server performance testing. Thus it will be clear when server’s capabilities are exhausted (by sending appropriate alerts) …