Reliable Multicast Transfer Protocol is akin to protocols like RTSP and is used to deliver data from one source to multiple recipients. It can be used to provide lossless data transfer used by streaming media services, file transfer (to provide file repositories and technologies like BitTorrent). The remarkable feature of the protocol implementation is ability to stream asynchronously the same data to many (say, several hundred) recipients while making sure data are received within strict time frame.

There are several RMTP-based programs, such as RMFTP, implementing service close to FTP, but using multicasting and guaranteed delivery time feature. Outside of streaming media and peer to peer networks, IM servers and similar technologies, RMTP has not much use.


IPHost features:

FTP Server Monitoring
FTP Monitor is a simple type of IPHost Monitor. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a well-known and widely used protocol for transmitting data (files). Although FTP …