Multi Router Traffic Grapher, or MRTG, is freeware tool to gather miscellaneous information (from either SNMP or scripts output), gather it and display as graphs; it uses cyclic database for optimal resources utilization and thus is capable of handling a large number of monitors when running on low-end computers.

MRTG is highly extensible; if SNMP is not enough (although there are many management information base (MIB) to use), arbitrary scripts can be used to provide data to store and represent. For every parameter the tools keeps two values and is mostly sued to monitor traffic and servers parameters (load, memory usage etc).


IPHost features:

SNMP Monitoring
SNMP Monitoring Tool for Network and Server Monitoring – network testing, scanning, check.

SNMP Traps Monitor
SNMP Monitors belong to advanced type of IPHost Monitors. SNMP, or Simple Network Management Protocol, is a protocol widely used to request and/or modify …

SNMP Custom Monitor
IPHost Network Monitor is a reliable network and server monitoring tool. You can monitor mail servers, internet hosts, database servers, WMI, …