Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) family has been created to lift the limitations and expand functionality of Post Office Protocol (POP3). There are many enhancements: many simultaneous clients can connect to the same mailbox (in POP3, a single connection is allowed); many mailboxes (viewed as folders) are available and messages can be moved between the mailboxes; server-side search is available and so on.

There were many versions of IMAP, most of which are extinct currently. Although POP3 is still being used, IMAP becomes more and more popular, since it doesn’t bind the user to the single computer (IMAP stores all the messages on the server, thus allowing fully functional access from any location where Internet access is available.


IPHost features:

IMAP Monitor
IMAP Monitor is a simple IPHost Monitor. IMAP, or Internet Mail Access Protocol, is one of two popular protocol used to access email. Unlike POP3, IMAP is much …

POP3 Monitor
IPHost Monitor can prevent most hazards of this kind by offering POP3 Monitors. Testing manually may result in credentials leak; the lack of testing may lead to belated alerts about mail service unavailable. Since mail availability is a crucial aspect in many business models …