Apache Monitoring

Apache Monitoring provides web server administrators with data on the performance of their web servers. In Apache there are embedded monitoring modules – mod_status, mod_performance. Using them one can get data on a host’s availability, response times, CPU usage, memory usage, and free server disk space. In cases where Apache Monitoring is required for many servers special network monitoring tools with the ability to automate the monitoring process, to collect availability and performance data for analysis, and to send up/downtime notifications (SMS, email, messengers) are used.


IPHost features:

Web Server Monitoring
IP Host Monitor automatically performs checking of various web server types and has the following capabilities of web server monitoring …

SNMP Monitoring Tool – software for network testing, scanning, check
With SNMP monitoring software you can monitor (scan, test, check) any Unix/ Linux servers, network equipment (that also usually runs some kind of Unix) and …