Active Directory Monitoring

An Active Directory infrastructure, as a rule consists of many servers and the system administrator should constantly monitor their availability and performance. Active Directory Monitoring includes the control of all possible aberrations in the work of AD servers – slowdowns, outages. Manual Active Directory monitoring is seldom used due to a large number of objects. Basically, specialized network monitoring tools are used which allow fully checking all Active Directory infrastructure parameters and notifying the system administrator of malfunctions by e-mail, sms, messenger, and other methods. Such prompt notifications allow the administrator to timely correct errors and provide reliable Active Directory system work.



IPHost features:

Windows Server uptime monitoring
Using IPHost Network Monitor you will be able to automatically monitor uptime for any Windows servers – Windows NT, Windows 2000, …

Windows Services Monitor
Checking services might be useful to detect early possible system malfunction, out of resources conditions and so on. IPHost Network Monitor offers a simple means to run such tests easily.

WMI Monitoring Tool
WMI monitoring tool is one of the simple IPHost Monitors. WMI, or Windows Management Instrumentation provides an operating system interface …

Active Directory Monitoring
… allows real time tracing of Active Directory work and provides the administrator with an additional set of tools to monitor availability and performance …